Fortunately, we can concentrate the sulfides using a complex process where we finely grind the rock ore then use a vibration process causing the ore to separate from the waste rock, leaving us with a high concentrate of sulfides that are rich with gold, silver and other precious metals.  

This process is very effective and allows for the gold, copper, silver and platinum group metals to be concentrated into a product with much higher values and a much smaller mass than was originally mined. 

During the flail mill operation, we noticed that we were losing incredible amounts of fine ore powder from the machines exhaust ports.   By days end there would be as much as 2 inches of powder lining the ground beneath it. 

Our team got right on finding a solution and after many experiments we found a perfect dust capturing system and soon learned this fine powder was heavily loaded with precious metals. 

The Flail mill was purchased to process 3” and smaller material.  It takes a lot upkeep and patience to run this flail but it does get the job done.

After getting our exact model identified, we went back to the Internet and watched about 20 videos of others successfully processing the type of rock ore that we were collecting.   Feeling much more confident we immediately went back to working the flail mill full time.  Check out this great video!