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Gold Ore Processing


This modern recovery system allows MW Mining & Inspections, Inc. to recover the valuable "mineral wastes" that fell into the tailings.

The mine/mill tailings are normally above ground and it will only take a front loader and a dump truck to transport the loose " mine/mill tailings " into the TURN-KEY MINE/MILL TAILINGS PROCESSOR. 

We are estimating the processing of 45 to 90 tons per day. (12 hour or 24-hour production day).  Add another TURN-KEY MILL TAILINGS PROCESSOR and double this production rate!


The jaw crusher, hammer mill and fine gold shaker table form the heart of the modern-day ore processor system.  They are integrated into a turnkey unit by installing them into structural frameworks, linking them with hoppers, feeders and conveyors, and wiring them, ready for connection to a power and water source.

Thanks to advances in modern separating, sorting, and crushing equipment, we can put the equipment together on the back of a flatbed for mobile deployment to any of our mine claims. 

Tailings Can Be Easily Reworked, RECLAIMED & RECOVERED

This Mining and Metal’s turn-key ore processors station is designed for hands-free operation, without the need for leaching, mercury, or flotation.  All components of the processor are mechanical, and do not require electronics or computers for operation.  

Reworking, Reclaiming and Recovering the precious metals from the tailings is accomplished by crushing and grinding the raw ore through a jaw crusher and  hammer mill, and using gravity separation on a concentrating shaker table to separate the precious metals from the rock waste.  

When operated properly, 95% of the free milling gold to -325 mesh is captured, with documented recovery of gold as fine as -400 mesh. 

MT. BAKER Turnkey Processing system


Ultimate, Chemical Free, Gold Ore Processing Plant. Quartz to Gold Buttons Made Easy!

Ore Processing Station