Mockingbird Mineral Trend

Mockingbird Mineral District History

The historic Mockingbird Mineral District is about 50 miles southeast of Las Vegas on 93 in the  Black Mountains near White Hills and Dolan Springs. 

The Mockingbird Mineral Trend is one of the most exciting and historical gold producing areas in the USA with its new high potential for gold yeild.  

Mining started in 1892 with the discovery of Gold and Silver in the area. By 1907 there were a total of eight mines operating until 1935.  Originally, Geologists and Miners alike had missed the detachment fault “Mockingbird Mineral Trend”, as a major Gold deposit.

Gulf Mineral Resources initiated exploration at the Mockingbird District in 1982. The project was turned down as Gulf was of the opinion that the project was not big enough.

Santa Fe Gold acquired the claim block next and cancelled the project without drilling on the erroneous theory that the gold was largely found in veins and not in wall rock.

A seismic survey by Anaconda (the next owner) confirmed that the detachment fault was largely horizontal with massive reserves of Gold.

There is little subsequent exploration history on the property. Arco (Anaconda’s parent company) shut Anaconda down and abandoned the project.

Chevron then staked the same area, did their geochemistry and selected drill targets. Chevron then merged with Gulf, and the combined unit was under the management of former Gulf personnel.

As explained above, Gulf had previously turned down the project and now moved to terminate it.

 At the gold price of approximately US$400/oz (in August 2004), provides a value estimate for the deposit in the range of up to $400 million.  


The Mockingbird Trend involves an important new type of Arizona gold deposit, called a "detachment fault" deposit with mineralization  found in both quartz veins and breccia zones hosted by steep faults. Detachment fault deposits were first recognized as a separate form of gold deposit in the 1980's.  

 A gold rush was initiated at Mockingbird  Trend during the 1980's, with some 15,000 ounces of high-grade ore harvested. 

Today there is an estimated deposit of at least 250,000 tons of .05 to 0.1 oz / T gold. 

This means the deposit is in the range of  125,000 to 250,000 ounces of gold just waiting to be unearthed. 

Mines at the Mockingbird Trend Arizona

Mines Secured in the mockingbird trend

MW Mining and Inspections, Inc.  

has leased ten  (10)  

 “Past Producer” Lode Claims 

in the heart of the Mockingbird Mineralization Trend


The Best Place To Find Gold is Where It Has Been Found Before!


 If  you would like to take a closer look at the mines on Google Earth they are located only 8 miles from Dolan Springs, near Kingman off highway 93 in the Black Mountains Range, Mohave County, Arizona .  

MoHave County, Arizona

Cayuse is a 20-acre "Past Producer" Gold load claim and has 2 Adits and 2 Shafts. 

Lost Crow  is a 20-acre "Past Producer" Gold load claim and has 4 Adits and 2 Shafts. 

There are mineralized Quartz veins everywhere on these claims. 

On every claim you can clearly see the vein the Miners were following. 

There are tons of Beautiful Mineralization throughout! 

Huge Quartz outcropping on found all over these claims! 

Really stable hard rock portals. 

 The Shafts you see on each claim were driven on a rich ore vein. 

These large mines have enough 1oz+ Gold (92% pure) per ton of ore on the Dumps to keep a miner busy for years before ever needing to go underground!