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The Company was founded in 2018 by MARK C. WITT

UNLIKE many publicly-traded companies, MW Mining & Inspections are NOT speculatively fishing around OLD mine piles. MW Mining & Inspections is in the business of harvesting "fallen gold" and other minerals directly from the old above ground mill & mine tailings waste-piles.

FEDERAL E.I.N. Assigned: 82-4843522

MW Mining and Inspections Logo

MW Mining and Inspections Logo

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Maximizing Profits

While normal "mining" costs of the big mining operations cost about 80% of the income derived from an ounce of gold, MW Mining & Inspections is not a big-time mining effort but a “RECLAMATION” of pre-mined material; our costs are estimated to be between 10% and to a maximum 25% per ounce of the income value produced, a very impressive Return-on-Investment.