Rethinking Tailing Dumps

The Mining Industry is Changing Their Perception And Seeing These Tailing Materials Not as Waste, But, as Potential Resources And MW Mining & Inspections Inc. is at The Forefront of This New Gold Rush 

Mine sites typically go along a set path from prospecting, to development, then extraction and finally closure as the pinpointed metal resources are exhausted. But that does not have to be the end of the mine’s productive life.

Not as Waste, But New Potential Resources

All mines generate waste, a common type is known as “tailings”. These tailing piles are stored on the surface ground at or near the mine site itself. 

Revisiting old mine tailing piles can potentially breathe new life into long-abandoned mine sites and generate millions of dollars in previously unharvested metals. 

Tailing Dumps Can Be Gold Mines – LITERALLY!


Tailing Dumps: Trash Into Treasures

UNLIKE many publicly-traded companies, MW Mining is NOT speculatively fishing around OLD mine piles.  
MW Mining & Inspections, Inc. is in the business of harvesting “Fallen Gold" and other precious metals & minerals directly from old above-ground mill & mine tailing waste-dumps.

  • We choose “high-grade” sweet-spot mining claims in prime areas of known gold mining districts.

  • We sample all of our claims to show there's PROVEN gold or precious metals at every single location.

  • We apply scientific knowledge, latest technologies, strategic planning and traditional wisdom to reclaim, rework and recover those metals.

  • We make restorations to the mine claim areas, leaving the lands better than we found them. 


Be a part of our GOLD Mining Adventures!