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There's much to see here.  So, take a  look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

We hope you enjoy your visit!

There's much to see here.  So, take a  look around, and learn all there is to know about us. 

We hope you enjoy your visit!



Gold as a Stabilizing Factor

Physical precious metals are considered to be a safe and stable investment. Therefore, gold counts still as one of the most popular precious metal investments.

Unlike money, gold has a real physical value and is a tangible asset. Internationally recognized as a method of payment, it cannot be reproduced at will and therefore provides security against the fluctuating purchasing power of paper money.

 Owning a gold property is an option against an unknown future - Reserves for using when you need to. 

 "Given today's economy there is something very comforting about having real gold in ones' safe; security personified, beautiful tangible gold that you can actually hold in your hands.  Essentially the best hedge against both wild inflation and deep depression is the time-honored inflation-proof, depression-proof, store of value; Gold.  Unlike paper money or stocks, gold requires no CEO or board of directors.  It is self-backed - valuable in itself - an actual wealth that can be found on / in the ground.  There couldn’t be a better time to own a real gold property."                                                                                                                                                                           

Cite: Theclaimpost.homestead.com. 

Example of Dore bar
Example of Dore bar
MW Ming and Inspections - About

Reclaim ● Rework ● Recover

What We Do: Reclaim, rework, recover

UNLIKE many publicly-traded companies, MW Mining & Inspections are NOT speculatively fishing around OLD mine piles.  

MW Mining & Inspections, Inc. is in the business of harvesting “Fallen Gold" and other precious metals & minerals directly from old above-ground mill & mine tailing waste-dumps.

  • We choose “high-grade” sweet-spot mining claims in prime areas of known gold mining districts.

  • We sample all of our claims to show there's PROVEN gold or precious metals at every single location.

  • We apply scientific knowledge, latest technologies, strategic planning and traditional wisdom to reclaim, rework and recover those metals.

  • We make restorations to the mine claim areas, leaving the lands better than we found them. 

Tailing Dumps

Harvesting Fallen Gold

For hundreds of years, mining operations processed high-grade gold from the richest mines in America and around the world.  The valuable "mineral waste" that fell into the tailings, is the remainder from the mining and milling of only highly-concentrated ore, but - this is key - processing was limited to the techniques and technology of the 1940's and back into the 19th century. 

Turn of the century mining operations used hundreds of shaker tables or sluice boxes that worked in harmony to process gold.  The shaker tables, however, did not do a very thorough job of separating much of the fines and ultra-fines (-100 to -500 mesh), commonly referred to as fine gold, dust or flour.  Much of this gold simply flowed off the tables and into the thousands of tailings, piled on the mines above-ground dumping sites.

The amount of gold remaining in these types of tailing piles can be very substantial.  For example, a mine that operated  from 1890 to 1910 that produced 10,000 ounces of gold would not be considered a particularly large mine.  Yet, a loss rate of 20%, which is not extreme at all, could mean 2,000 ounces or more sitting in the above-ground tailing piles just waiting to be reclaimed, reworked and recovered using today's modern recovery systems. 


The only thing that needs to be done to recover more gold from tailing piles is to run them once again. The real money here is in fine gold, but these old mining types of operations lost surprising amounts of large gold also, especially if the gold contained or is mostly composed of quartz or iron ores.  Large gold-quartz /iron specimens just rolled through these systems along with the other rock and landed in the tailing piles.  


When the term, "Tailings" is used, usually a picture comes to mind of heaps of useless waste dirt piles left over from digging out old mine shafts and tunnels to get to the vein of gold.  In reality, mill and mine tailing piles can be highly valuable and a source of extreme profits.  

Veins of gold run deep underground and usually found in about a 3-inch-wide seam; but a 6-foot wide tunnel or shaft was dug out, often hundreds of feet down to claim that 3-inch seam of gold. 

However, ONLY the 3-inch-wide seam would have been transported to the PROCESSING MILL.  The tailing piles at the dig-site contained the entire mine waste,  left unprocessed and piled neatly above the ground. 

The value of a 3 million ton, 50-foot-high mound of dirt and rubble can quickly turn to a glimmering pile of treasure! 

Pay Dirt
Gold Ore Processing

Modern Recovery Systems


This modern recovery system allows MW Mining & Inspections, Inc. to recover the valuable "mineral wastes" that fell into the tailings.

The mine/mill tailings are normally above ground and it will only take a front loader and a dump truck to transport the loose " mine/mill tailings " into the TURN-KEY MINE/MILL TAILINGS PROCESSOR. 

We are estimating the processing of 45 to 90 tons per day. (12 hour or 24-hour production day).  Add another TURN-KEY MILL TAILINGS PROCESSOR and double this production rate!


The jaw crusher, hammer mill and fine gold shaker table form the heart of the modern-day ore processor system.  They are integrated into a turnkey unit by installing them into structural frameworks, linking them with hoppers, feeders and conveyors, and wiring them, ready for connection to a power and water source.

Thanks to advances in modern separating, sorting, and crushing equipment, we can put the equipment together on the back of a flatbed for mobile deployment to any of our mine claims. 

Tailings Can Be Easily Reworked, RECLAIMED & RECOVERED

This Mining and Metal’s turn-key ore processors station is designed for hands-free operation, without the need for leaching, mercury, or flotation.  All components of the processor are mechanical, and do not require electronics or computers for operation.  

Reworking, Reclaiming and Recovering the precious metals from the tailings is accomplished by crushing and grinding the raw ore through a jaw crusher and  hammer mill, and using gravity separation on a concentrating shaker table to separate the precious metals from the rock waste.  

When operated properly, 95% of the free milling gold to -325 mesh is captured, with documented recovery of gold as fine as -400 mesh. 

MT. BAKER Turnkey Processing system


Ultimate, Chemical Free, Gold Ore Processing Plant. Quartz to Gold Buttons Made Easy!

Ore Processing Station

beautiful tangible gold


Because of the limited technology of the olden time sluices, prospectors could only sift up to 6 to 16 mesh, to remove the so called "nuggets". 

All the smaller size metals and minerals -100 to -500 mesh were left behind in the tailings waste, allowing, in many cases more value today than the original processing claimed.

A Treasure Trove of Rare-Earth Elements

Technology Metals
Rare Earth Metals

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